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South Americans spend their early years playing futsal, a version of the game (typically five-versus-five) played on a hard court with smaller goals and a ball with less bounce. Futsal players get more touches on the ball and must be quicker and more imaginative with it. For Christian to become an elite technical player, just learning tricks from the Brazilians wouldn't do. He needed to replicate their experience in full.

"[Futsal] really improved my technical ability and my ability to work in tight spaces," Christian told B/R Mag in an email from Germany.


"Futsal has given me whatever I have today, it's like a religion to me. When Premier Futsal approached me for this league in India, I took it on because India is the fastest growing country and Futsal is the fastest growing indoor sport in the world - it would be a great platform to showcase what Futsal is all about to the Indian youth"

- Falcao
Best Futsal Player in the World 2004, 2006, 2011, 2012



"...that’s certainly enough to celebrate, for the second year in a row, Vanessa Cristina Pereira is the winner of the Best Woman Player of the World category of the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2011 & 2012 Edition.


Highly visible since coming to Liverpool, Mohamed Salah is one of the most prolific strikers in the Premier League just behind Hary Kane. In recent hours, a video circulates on social networks where we see the former player of Roma at a futsal tournament in Egypt where the player  is very effective against the goal. -Daily Motion; read more

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