OK, so in-between all the summer training sessions and camps, you just might find some down time to enjoy a Netflix show or two. We’ve complied a list of our favorite top 4 picks you can dive into before school begins or while on the road to a tournament. Our number 2 choice just became a little more binge-worthy with the recent signing to FC Barcelona today! Congrats Griezy. Now go watch his story!

1. Concrete Football

After the men of France became the World Cup winners last year, it was no question how they got there. This one sits close in our hearts as Columbus Futsal was also born on concrete. The Frenchmen have a problem though, and that is that EVERYONE IS GOOD, and talent is abundant from town to town. This is a must watch and our absolute favorite! We hope it inspires you to meet us down at the street court for some pick-up!

2. Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend From an underestimated youth player to World Cup champion to now the newest FC Barcelona athlete, Antione Griezmann has a true underdog tale to tell. The French soccer hero will forever remain a legend with Atletico, but he traveled a long road to get to the top of this sport. You’ll feel inspired to never give up after this flick!

3. Forever Chape

The Chapecoense suffered a devastating plane crash that rocked the global soccer community and claimed the lives of 71 clubmates. Learn how the Brazilian soccer club seeks to rebuild the team that made history. We must rise as a team! FOREVER CHAPE!

4. Boca Juniors Confidential

Because a club is more than just the players in the game. It takes a whole community of fans, staff, and family support to become a soccer powerhouse like Boca Juniors. Dive into Season 1 with these exclusive, behind-the-scenes episodes on Argentina’s legendary club.

We hoped you enjoyed this list! Which choice was your favorite and why? Comment below.

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