Columbus Futsal Announces Partnership with Nationwide Children's Sports Medicine

For Immediate Release

September 20, 2017

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Columbus Futsal and Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine Partner to Benefit Community Health & Wellness

­­­Columbus Futsal has entered into a partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine to provide sports medicine services and health and wellness education to our parents, coaches and athletes. Both organizations strive to provide a safe and healthy experience for youth participating in sports and to enhance the quality of life for athletes participating in the Columbus area.

Services to be provided by Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine include medical resources, priority scheduling through an “on-call Athletic Trainer” and educational services with the experts from Nationwide Children’s. The entire team of experts will deliver cutting-edge and comprehensive sports medicine services, resources and education.

Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine includes a staff of physicians, orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers and physical therapists who are all trained to provide age-appropriate patient care to recreational, competitive and elite athletes. In addition to treatment, Nationwide Children’s offers a comprehensive program focused on research, education, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, nutrition and wellness.

"This comes at a great time as we are halfway into our winter tryouts and will begin league play and competitions soon. Parents and coaches of [Columbus Futsal] league and academy athletes will have priority care and education through this community partnership. I'm really excited for them."

-Malissa Galiffo Garcia, CF President

Click here to learn more about what NCSM can provide for your athlete.

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